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RATHER A LOT of useful information for freelances has appeared in the Freelance and it's all archived online at But what's where? This updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list will help you find it. From "holiday pay" to getting money out of recalcitrant clients, it's all here. Or if not, you'll tell us.

^ I need the emergency legal number - fast! Where is it?

Up-to-date phone numbers for emergency legal support for members are at - for non-emergency matters contact the Freelance Office.

^ I'm a photographer

See - updated frequently with news and advice useful to photographers and other visual creators.

^ When is the next Branch meeting and what's it about?

The Branch meetings link near the top of the home page goes to - (where you will also find reports of meetings since 1999).

Also check @NUJ_LFB on Twitter for last-minute updates.

^ I've just become a self-employed freelance journalist. What do I need to do about tax, how do I file a tax return?

For guides with links to what you have to do see and the Freelance Fees Guide offers basic advice on what you currently need to do.

We're keeping a close eye on proposed changes in the tax law - see and following articles.

^ Am I eligible for a Press Card? If so, how do I apply for one, or renew one?

The Press Cards Authority issues cards to NUJ members who can show that they are news-gatherers. You cannot apply for a Press Card until after your NUJ membership is approved. See about join the union at and see detailed advice from the Freelance at

^ How can I protect my sources, with all these Investigatory Powers laws?

London Freelance Branch has had a number of eminent speakers giving useful advice, summarised by the Editor at

^ My client is late paying! Where can I find out what to do?

There's a calculator for interest and compensation on late payments at - with links to more advice. And NUJ members can use the form at which helps you provide all the details the Freelance Office needs to help NUJ members chase really recalcitrant clients.

See, also, the Gong Award archive at for previous late payers.

^ What's this about "BACS payments" and what do I need to do to get one?

Use the Bankers Automated Clearing Services (sic) to get paid directly into your account: see which also explains the "IBAN" code.

^ Copyright? Help! What are my rights in my work?

People who say copyright is complicated are mostly people with an interest in pulling the wool over your eyes. It's not. Read the absolute basics in just 800 words at and we have a booklet that is free to NUJ members: Copyright for journalists and writers

^ Where can I quickly find rates being paid by different clients?

The Rate For The Job page is at - which you can reach from the home page by clicking on the Rate for the Job logo.

^ What are the suggested rates? There are so many different rates in the Rate for the Job...

You want the Freelance Fees Guide, at

^ Commissions? contracts? How do they work? Where do I get help?

See the advice section of the Freelance Fees Guide at /feesguide/advice.html - and the downloadable Confirmation of Commissioning forms at

^ Does an email count as a contract?

A Freelance Organiser writes: "If an email exchange contains a clear offer and a clear acceptance and agreement on a 'consideration' such as cash then it constitutes a contract. We have used emails as evidence in the Small Claims Court for many years." More from the Freelance Fees Guide here.

^ What about holiday pay/paid time off and other worker's rights?

Your entitlement is 24 days a year, pro rata for the days you work. The announcement at links to much more advice.

^ My client has cancelled the work they booked. What can I do?

You had a contract. They owe you. That's the theory. For a discussion on the practicalites, see - and for "kill fees" on commissioned articles and pictures see /gegetkil.html

^ How do I find contact details for Branch committee members or for people at head office?

For email addresses for London Freelance Branch (LFB) go to - and for Head Office go to Then click on the link for the contacts you want.

^ How do I tell the NUJ I've moved or that I've just become freelance or...

All is explained at Or go to the Change of Address and change of circumstance forms via these links.

Perhaps sadly, the London Freelance computing complex is not fully integrated with Head Office. Please let us know of changes of email address, and anything else you wish to share, at

^ Email discussions - how do I join one?

Click on the networks link on the home page - or go to /contacts.html#networks - then click on the name of the network, then fill in the form to introduce yourself.

To sign up for monthly LFB alerts, go to

^ When is the next Branch meeting and what's it about?

The Branch meetings link near the top of the home page goes to - (where you will also find reports of meetings since 1999).

Also check @NUJ_LFB on Twitter for last-minute updates.

^ How do reduced rate NUJ subscriptions work?

See full details on the official NUJ website at (last time we checked)

^ But I don't know what my question is! What question do I ask?

Go to the website home page at - you know you are there because that's what's written across the top. It has links to the most commonly used pages of the site. The home page also has a link to the site map: full contents in the box below Alerts. That page lists all the major sections of the site.

The site is so big - more than 6000 pages - that even its architects generally use the site search engine to find the information they want. Enter simple search queries in the space directly under the NUJ London Freelance logo in the side bar on the right of many pages.

You want to type in a word or words that should appear in the page you want to read, then click "Search". For more help and advice on searching the site, see

Wherever you are, clicking on the green logo takes you back to the home page.

There is an index of advice and help at - reachable from the advice link on the home page and linking to the Fees Guide advice.

^ What more advice is available?

You can always search this website for keywords. Members of the NUJ should obtain the Freelance Fact Pack

^ Wrong questions?

We need your suggestions for more FAQs. Email

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