The London Freelance bookshelf

MEMBERS of London Freelance Branch are invited to submit details of their books to this London Freelance Bookshelf.

Terms and conditions

Your submission of book information indicates acceptance of the following:

  1. The bookshelf is open to all members of the National Union of Journalists.
  2. We may add to the bookshelf information on books that do not infringe the NUJ Code of Conduct. The Editor's decision on inclusion of any book shall be final.
  3. You may submit any books that you wrote or illustrated or to which you contributed a substantial part of the text or illustrations.
  4. For each book, we ask you to submit a JPEG image of its cover, 220 pixels across, with a licence to reproduce that.
  5. Please submit the book's exact title; its publication date; the price of the edition you are promoting; its ISBN (13 digits); its page-count; and a link to it on the publisher's website.
  6. You can include up to 100 words of text describing each of your books. You may submit a link to your own website. We will include a link to your entry in the Freelance Directory.
  7. Yes, you keep copyright in all of your work displayed on the bookshelf. You grant London Freelance Branch and its Editor a non-exclusive, royalty-free revocable licence to make anything that you submit available on for the term of copyright.
  8. In no event shall London Freelance Branch nor its Editor nor contributors nor the National Union of Journalists nor indeed any other person real or corporate be held liable for any information presented here nor for the omission for whatever reason of any information here or anywhere else nor for any tort or damages of any kind arising from use or abuse or failure to make use of any or all such information or lacunae. Everything here is presented as is without any warranty express or implied as to its fitness for any purpose or as to anything else, really.
  9. These Terms may be changed whenever necessary, except that you will always retain copyright in your submitted images.

We shall post submissions as time permits, in the order in which they are received.

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