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Hazel Dunlop

Hazel Dunlop is a London-based photographer focusing on arts related subjects. Her skills include portraits, theatre productions, live music, book launches, art exhibitions, dance and musical showcases. Hazel has also covered press events at the Edinburgh International Festival.

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Contact details:

Street: Camden
Postcode: NW5 4DA
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: LinkedIn
Telephone: 0207 485 4624
Mobile: 07815 300 903


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  • Arts/entertainment
  • Film and theatre
  • Music
  • Public relations
  • Trade unions

Profile last updated: 2019-03-31 08:04:30

Extra information:


• Full Driving Licence

• Public Liablity Insurance (Integro)

• Registered Data Protection Act Controller


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Various arts cuttings: Equity magazine, RealDeal Theatre website, The Stage newspaper, Equity annual report