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Hazel Dunlop

Freelance photographer based in North London. Skills include: Portraits, Public Relations, Publicity, News, Events and Documentary. Work published in National and Regional Press, Magazines, Books, Adverts, Websites and Annual Reports.

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Contact details:

Street: Camden
Postcode: NW5 4DA
Region/nation: London
Country: United Kingdom
Also find me on: LinkedIn
Telephone: 0207 485 4624
Mobile: 07815 300 903


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  • Arts/entertainment
  • Charity/voluntary sector
  • Film and theatre
  • Music
  • Public relations
  • Trade unions
  • Sport
  • Current affairs

Profile last updated: 2017-09-29 15:58:36

Extra information:

As a Photographer I have built-up experience and skills in these areas:
• Portraits: Actors, Singers, Politicians, Public & Private Sector Workers, Business Executives. 
 • Events: Conferences, Receptions, Parliament, News events, Sport events (Athletics), Public events, Countryside Shows and Social events.
• Performing Arts: Theatre, Opera, Music Shows, Dance Shows



• BA Hons in Photography, Film and Video Arts from The University of Westminster (1994)

• Previous staff jobs in Journalism: Associated Press (Photo Library and Photo Editor), The European (Picture Researcher), The Independent (Picture Researcher), Medialink (Photographer)



• Public Liabilty Insured

• Registered Data Protection Act Controller




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Edinburgh International Festival, Opera © Hazel Dunlop Edinburgh International Festival, Opera
Alex Otterburn and Allison Cook during the rehearsal of 'Greek', a co-production between Scottish Opera and Opera Ventures, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Aug.02, 2017. Photo © Hazel Dunlop
Athletics World Championship Team Trials, Birmingham © Hazel Dunlop Athletics World Championship Team Trials, Birmingham
Chris O'Hare, Edinburgh AC, celebrates winning in 3:47.28 in the Men’s 1500 meters final at the World Championships Team Trials 2017, Sunday, Jul.02, 2017, Alexander Stadium, Birmingham, England. Photo © Hazel Dunlop
CLIC Sargent Charity Campaign © Hazel Dunlop CLIC Sargent Charity Campaign
Left to right: Kate Lee, Chief Executive, Khianna Hinks-Snagg-Young, Bradley Gudger, both supported by the charity and TV Presenter and Charity Ambassador Jake Humphrey sitting on the Downing Street steps, Monday, Jul.10, 2017, London. CLIC Sargent is calling on the Government to offer greater financial support to families of young cancer patients. Photo © Hazel Dunlop