Any member contemplating work for Tramp magazine - which a member describes as "aptly named" - should first contact the Freelance Office.

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9 April 2005

Im sad to see that you support members which commit fraud and say that they have completed there work and wait for payment when they have not submitted the work, well at tramp we are not fools and my self the owner a 25 year old business man with no qaulifications and does not depend on the NUJ to assist my business. its also sad to see that your helping members to put forward frudlent claims of payment, so i advise you to remove what you had published or else those members will be published in the next issue of tramp with the same comments and this issue will go nationwide just ask about Tramps Distribution, and plus i will be taking legal action against the shit you decide to publish about Tramp, plus no member of the NUJ is welcome to work at tramp if they admit they are a member of the NUJ, because i think it is a clever way to let dummys who can not write to commit fraud to a publisher and there business.

P.s look out for the next issue were i will insult the NUJ.

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18 February 2009

I was just notified by a friend that you have a web page up, which has my details on it and information which is said to written by myself or written on my behalf.

This is false and I would like it removed immediately as I am unaware of any communication, which involves me with this matter.

I have informed my solicitor, as this could be something in which could lead to defamation of my character, and I have no knowledge of this matter at all.


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If someone did fake Enrico's email of 9 April 2005, they were very, very good at that fakery.

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