He’s a fair cop, guv

THE METROPOLITAN police have responded quickly to complaints over their treatment of photographers in incidents since 7 July.

Along with Jeff Moore and Paul Stewart from the British Press Photographers' Association (BPPA), freelance organiser John Toner met with Bob Cox, of The Met's press office, and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Brian Paddick.

Toner, Moore and Stewart went through a catalogue of incidents reported to them by photographers, stressing their frustration that despite the many meetings held over the past 18 months photographers were still being prevented from doing their jobs by police officers. The public were often allowed to get closer to the scene of an incident than were photographers.

Paddick and Cox accepted that officers should not be hindering or obstructing photographers. Paddick offered to bring together representatives from BT Police and City of London Police, to agree guidelines. He immediately set up a meeting with them for the end of August.

The NUJ and BPPA will have the opportunity to comment on the guidelines. Once finalised, these will then be distributed by the three forces. They will also be circulated to NUJ members.

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