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FREELANCES should get Legal Liabilities Insurance for peace of mind and possibly even more. Here the brokers who arranged the deal for NUJ members explain why.

THE NUJ Freelance Members Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance has now been available for two years. Many of you have appreciated the value of this exclusive membership benefit and taken out a policy, but there are many who are still taking the risk of working without essential insurance.

Like it or not, as a freelance you are legally liable for the work you produce. This means that unless you have a specific agreement with a publisher or other client which relieves you of your legal liabilities, if you make a mistake you could be sued and risk losing everything. Even if you've done nothing wrong, could you afford the legal costs of defending yourself?

The NUJ Freelance Members policy covers you for negligence, libel and slander, unintentional infringement of someone else's copyright, unintentional breach of someone else's confidentiality, loss of documents, withdrawal expenses, and even your liability to other people for causing injury or damage to their property. The cover is for awards against you as well as legal defence costs.

The basic policy provides Public Liability Insurance of £1 million and Professional Indemnity Insurance of £50,000, which can be increased up to £500,000 if you need the extra cover. The basic policy is available for as little as £251.25 for the year, or a deposit of £37.69 and then 11 monthly payments of £20.87 each. The policy can cover virtually all the types of work you may undertake as an NUJ member, including newspaper, magazine and internet Journalism; TV, radio, video and film work; technical material production; book writing; design and graphics work; editing; publishing; photography; production of PR and marketing material, advice and training work.

Because of the value the insurers place on NUJ membership and the NUJ Code of Conduct, the policy even provides you with cover for all the material you have produced since the first day of your current continuous NUJ membership. And if you stop working while you are insured due to permanent retirement, incapacity or death, the policy provides with you with run-off cover for claims made against you for 12 months after the expiry of your policy (up to 36 months if you need it).

So, why risk everything when for less than £5 per week you can help save yourself from potential disaster?  The NUJ Members Professional Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance Policy is called Writers Insurance and is provided by the NUJ's recommended insurance supplier, Imaging Insurance. Imaging Insurance can also help with photographic, video and other business insurances as well as household insurance.

To find out more or get a quote please call Imaging Insurance on 01784 486890, email or visit

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