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Annual Delegate Meeting 2009

The NUJ's Annual Delegate Meeting is underway in charming Southport. Sporadic updates will appear here...


  • The meeting voted that Annual Delegate Meetings will now take place at least every 18 months. Suggestions for a pronounceable acronym are welcome: YAAHDM for "Year-And-A-Halfly"?
  • The London Freelance amendment to focus on campaigning on the issue of libel laws being used against scientists, rather than tying ourselves to a rather odd campaigning group, was lost following an impassioned speech that was in fact about a different amendment.
  • The meeting voted to support Indymedia in the campaign against the seizure of its web servers back in March.
  • The union is committed to a variety of initiatives to explore new funding models for journalism in the public interest, including the London Freelance Branch motion calling for the NUJ to initiate a high-level debate (such as a Royal Commission). Jake Ecclestone asked delegates to think back to 1450 and the last great communications revolution, in which Herr Gutenberg's invention contributed, among other things, to the Reformation and the Renaissance - and, by killing Latin and promoting local languages, to nationalism and the nation-state.


  • Conference voted for an increase in subscriptions expressed by the National Exec utive Committee as 15p a week.
  • After a procedural car-crash (involving a vote on whether the proposer of a motion could be allowed to speak on it in between the unclear vote on it and the counted card vote) Conference voted to promote equal representation of women and men but not to move toward a rule on gender-balanced lists of nominations for elected union positions. Yet.
  • The Freelance Industrial Council motion setting out campaigning priorities on copyright issues was passed.
  • A motion calling for the setting-up of a Photographers' Industrial Council was withdrawn by the proposers following a plea from the National Executive to come back with a proposal that could be made to work within the Union's rules and existing structures.


  • A motion condemning the restrictions on reporting the conflict in Gaza early in the year got embroiled in debate over whether South Yorkshire Branch should send someone on the next trade union delegation to the occupied territory, or the best.
  • Nothing else controversial that I can remember. Generally, against sin and low pay and for apple pie.

More follows... and see the link below for the blog by the journalism students who covered the conference.

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