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Photographers’ Branch to launch

THE NUJ's National Executive Committee has approved a call from some photogaphers to form a separate London Photogaphers' Branch. Membership will be open to NUJ members who define themselves as photographers and do work for media based in London. And London Freelance Branch voted in November to lend the new LPB £500 toward its start-up costs.

Membership of the Branch is open to any NUJ photographer who lives in London or who carries out the majority of his/her work for clients based in London. To be clear, no photographer has to transfer from his/her existing branch. You are entirely free to remain with your current branch the choice is yours. You will still get the full range of support the NUJ offers, both from union full-timers and from experienced London Freelance Branch members, and receive the Freelance.

If you do wish to transfer your membership to the new Branch, you should contact the NUJ Membership Manager, Sharon Gilbert: email before 26 January.

The LPB inaugural meeting, which will elect a Branch Committee, will be at 6.30pm on Tuesday 26 January at NUJ Head Office, Headland House, 308 Gray's Inn Road, London WC1X 8DP - nearest Tube King's Cross. Every photographer member of the union, staff and freelance, is welcome to attend, but only those full members who have transferred to the new Branch in advance of the meeting will be able to vote or stand for office.

The offices that the Branch must elect are: Chair and Vice-Chair; Treasurer; Secretary; Equality Officer; Welfare Officer; and union learning representative.

This is an exciting development for NUJ photographers. Please support the new Branch and ensure the meeting is a success.

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