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Make local journalism pay

IF YOU missed last month’s successful New Ways to Make Journalism Pay conference - or if you were there and would like to get involved in building on its success - there will be a conference follow-up at February’s London Freelance Branch meeting on Monday 8 February . This will be an opportunity to discuss in more detail what options are available for groups of journalists to build sustainable businesses, possibly with the involvement of the communities they serve.

Speakers include Branch member Pennie Quinton on her own experiences as a freelance filmmaker, Dave Boyle from Cooperatives UK on possible cooperative or mutual business models, and Branch members involved in developing new ventures in investigative journalism and current affairs filmmaking.

London Freelance Branch is calling for a series of events to be held throughout the country, which will help journalists explore new business models, and provide practical advice on how to structure them. This discussion aims to provide some basis for that initiative, so please come along and contribute to what could be a groundbreaking project.

Details of dates, times, venue and topics of London Freelance Branch meetings, including arrangements to cover costs of care for dependents to allow you to attend, can always be found on the LFB meetings page.

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