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The Freelance

This March 2010 edition of the Freelance is web-only. The print edition sent to all freelance NUJ members goes out in a mailing with the NUJ magazine the Journalist. The Journalist has a new editor, and the transition has meant that the next Journalist print edition will be out after the March meeting. Please keep an eye out for "virtual Freelance" emails coming at you announcing that a new online Freelance is up on the website, and warning you of imminent LFB meetings, as this may be a web-only edition, with no print edition hitting your doormat.

This makes it more important for freelance NUJ members to update the Freelance of any changes to your email address. Please use the form at And keep checking the website for updates and announcements. We hope there will be an April print (and online) edition of the Freelance.

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