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WHAT DO WE want future London Freelance Branch meetings to cover?

The Branch committee spends a lot of time and effort developing ideas for meetings and persuading expert speakers to come and speak at them, and in ensuring that Branch meetings are both relevant and engaging. (If you missed any of the talks at the LFB meetings, we have an archive of short reports on these. At January’ s Branch AGM, members were asked for suggestions for topics for discussion at future meetings. Here, in no particular order, are the ideas that came up:

  • New media recruitment
  • London 2012 Olympics and freelances - access, accreditation, transparency, getting work around the Olympics.
  • Women and journalism - why are women underrepresented in the NUJ and its National Executive Council? (the March 8 Branch meeting will be an International Women's Day special on women and journalism.)
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) - the future of freedom of information, public bodies off-loading responsibilities onto private-sector "agencies" not covered by the Act.
  • Safety in war zones, training courses - the January AGM opened with two minutes' silence in memory of former LFB member Rupert Harmer, killed in Afghanistan.
  • Health and safety and public order situations, dealing with police. How public order situations are different from war zones.
  • Trauma, welfare, post-traumatic stress, possibly with a speaker from among our colleagues in Northern Ireland on their experiences of The Troubles.
  • Working abroad - getting paid, insurance, tax, visas, other practical issues.
  • The media and recession
  • Policing - civil liberties - recent police sub-poenas on notes and other journalistic material and other similar developments - this could be a possible joint London NUJ branches' meetings with Liberty.
  • Libel and libel tourism
  • Copyright - Digital Britain and the Bill on copyright currently before Parliament. (LFB traditionally has one meeting a year at the House of Commons)
  • The new government (after the May general election) and its attitude to media, implications for freelances
  • Star turn journalists to come and entertain and inspire us
  • Foreign journalists working in difficult circumstances - Iranians, Palestinians, for example
  • Syndication in recession, syndication in the internet age, syndication agencies
  • Journalists and comedy, and successfully combining these two crafts - possible star turn?
  • Journalists and teaching - Branch members are increasingly turning to teaching to make a living. Advice, deductions at source, other work-related issues around teaching.

Over to you. Suggestions for LFB meeting topics - stimulating enough to pull in at least 30-40 punters - by email to editor@londonfreelance.orgplease, or contact a Branch committee member.

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