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Dealing with stop and search - top tips

THE SUBJECT of the London Freelance Branch meeting on 14 June is "How to deal with stop and search (and with luck still file the story)". We'll be getting tips from solicitor Shamik Dutta of law firm Fisher Meredith, who among other things represented comedian Mark Thomas in a case that led to a £1200 settlement for a 12-minute detention, with an apology.

Shamik is a civil rights lawyer who specialises in taking legal action against the state on behalf of the victims of police, Home Office and Prison Service misconduct. His clients include young people, refugees, protestors, photographers and activists as well as Mark Thomas. These cases usually involve claims for unlawful detention, assault, malicious prosecution and breach of the state's obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998 and Human Rights Act 1998.

Shamik is actively involved in a number of voluntary organisations within the London area and regularly provides training sessions on individual rights around London. He is a member of the Police Action Lawyers Group and Liberty and is also an Executive Committee member of the London Anti-Racist Alliance.

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