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City police offer hotline

A HOTLINE to the police should ease problems faced by photographers when shooting in the City of London.

The offer was made to photographers' representatives during a very constructive meeting on Monday, 2 August. Jeff Moore (BPPA), Paul Stewart (NAPA) and John Toner (NUJ) met with Assistant Commissioner Frank Armstrong and two of his colleagues.

Toner had requested the meeting after complaints by photographers who had been stopped when taking routine pictures of buildings in the City.

Mr Armstrong gave assurances about guidelines issued to officers, and said the force is revising its training for security guards. He also invited photographers to make formal complaints.

Said Moore: "It was a very encouraging meeting and we have opened up communications."

Stewart agreed: "There is clearly a willingness to address the problems."

Toner added: "We now have a point of contact to help photographers when they encounter difficulties with the police in the City."

The offer is to the organisations - so NUJ members should contact the Freelance Office, which will forward concerns to the CoLP.

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