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Vigorously defend Public Lending Right!

PUBLIC Lending Right is a scheme under which UK book authors receive 6p when a book is borrowed from a public library - to compensate for royalties that would have been earned had the book been bought.

It is funded by the Department for Culture Media and Sport. Over the last three years, while public spending was buoyant, PLR's allocation fell by 3%: over 10% in real terms. Now the DCMS has been instructed to reduce its budget...

The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society is hosting a petition, supported also by the Royal Society of Literature and Society of Authors, to defend PLR.

The petition asks the Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, to recognise that the £7.5M spent on PLR gives effect to a legal right and is not a subsidy. It "provides working writers with a modest income when their books are read by library users free of charge". PLR is particularly important to authors whose books are sold mainly to libraries and to those whose books are no longer in print but are still being used.

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