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Season Doesn’t End in Summer ended

The Royal Photographic Society(RPS) launched its The Season Doesn't End with Summer project for its Visual Journalism Group in August. The project promoted tourism in the South West, and “would have allowed participating organisations to use members’ images free of payment to the photographer”. Just 24 hours later the project was pulled, after considerable protest from NUJ members and others.

RPS Director General Stuart Blake commented in a statement on the RPS website that "we understand photographers' concerns, and feel that, in the circumstances, immediate suspension of the project was the only sensible course to take. The Society is aware of the difficulties faced by professionals in the current economic climate." The RPS pledged to consult with the Visual Journalism Group and others on the possibility of relaunching the project with new terms and conditions without the "onerous side effects" to photographers of a "rights transfer".

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