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Multiplatform training money

BROADCAST industry training body Skillset has bursaries of up to £800 available for freelances to train for TV. This includes money for "multiplatform training" for journalists currently in - for example - the print media sector who find that their clients have gone all video/webcast/Twitter-feed bells and whistles on them and that they have to catch up. It also covers “entry level” training for journalists entering the world of TV work for the first time. Details are on the Skillset website.

The Bureau for Investigative Journalism's editor-in-chief Iain Overton at a recent LFB meeting pointed out that his new organisation now breaks stories simultaneously on terrestrial television - mostly Channel Four - as well as in a quality daily newspaper. The BIJ has freelance journalists from both print media and broadcast backgrounds, and the Guardian now has a Guardian Films division. So diversifying into broadcast journalism as well as print is now well worth a look.

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