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Paper tax return alert

YOU HAVE until 31 October to have your old-style classic hard copy paper version of your 2009-2010 tax return posted to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and received by them.

But be warned that you won’t have been automatically sent a paper tax return, just a letter saying you need to fill in a return, and a number to ring if you want to request a paper-based tax return form, which HMRC told one freelance would take a astonishing three to four weeks to arrive. (We've heard of one case of the requested tax return being posted from Glasgow to London and arriving in just over a week.) So if you want to submit your tax return on paper, order a paper tax return now from HMRC. Have you Unique Tax Reference number and NI number ready when you ring your tax office to do this.

Revenue and Customs really badly want you to fill in a tax return online: currently the only way to get an acknowledgement that you’ve sent them a return is if you send it online. Submitting a tax return online also means you have until 31 January 2011 to do so.

One LFB member successfully applied for HMRC’s working tax credits following advice given by accountant Eric Longley at a recent LFB meeting. So if you are on a low income, apply now for working tax credits before they go up in flames in the impending bonfire of the benefits.

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