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Celebrate the Rex victory

I AM surprised the NUJ has not made more capital from your astonishing last-minute intervention with the OFT to save Rex Features from being gobbled by Getty.

I'm pretty certain that was a done-deal until the NUJ intervened. You have saved a clutch of jobs enjoyed by people who love working for a close-knit family company, in all senses of "family" and you have also helped preserve freelance competition and opportunity in the workplace. You did a fantastic job. My part must forever remain dark, but yourself and the NUJ should take the praise; that one action justified my lifetime Union membership.

Next time I'm in London I'll buy you a pint and bring a box of tissues. Sooo emotional!

Frank Selby, who founded Rex in a garage in 1950 is now 92, almost blind, very frail. He was booted from Hungary by his wealthy Jewish parents around 1938: he worked for Picture Post, then had his camera taken away during the war as an alien. He survived to create Rex. I first met him in 1976 on the recommendation of the late Steve Brodie, then picture editor of the Sunday Times. I have never, for one second, regretted that introduction. It was the best intro of my entire professional life.

I was scolded by Frank, encouraged by Frank, grumped-at by Frank, lunched by Frank, told off by Frank, but he always had one consistent purpose in mind: to convince me to think of my future, to retain copyrights.

Frank Selby, at 92, is a very modern man.

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