Who’s afraid of photographers?

A MEETING at the House of Commons, initiated by Don Foster MP (pictured below) and organised by the NUJ's Freelance Office, attracted more than 70 photographers and Mps to ask the question: who's afraid of photographers?

Foster noted that Section 44 of the Terrorism Act is suspended, but "we need to make absolutely certain that it is actually repealed."

Photographer David Hoffman observed: "We are at a crossroads. This Government has made promises and it's that baton, not the one hanging from the PC's belt, that we need to take up now."

The meeting also heard from Professor Chris Frost on ethics; solicitor Anna Mazzola of Hickman & Rose on privacy; and solicitor Chez Cotton of Bindmans on the laws deployed against photographers.

The NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council is now discussing an initative to support public-interest photography in public spaces - especially those which are privatised, such as malls and Canary Wharf.

Don Foster MP © Jason Parkinson

Don Foster MP - click photo for video


Photo © David Hoffman

David Hoffman - click photo for video


Freelance Organiser John Toner © Jason Parkinson

Freelance Organiser John Toner - click photo for video


Solicitor Chez Cotton © Jason Parkinson

Solicitor Chez Cotton - click photo for video


Jess Hurd © Jason Parkinson

Jess Hurd - click photo for video


Solicitor Anna Mazzola © Jason Parkinson

Solicitor Anna Mazzola - click photo for video


Professor Chris Frost © Jason Parkinson

Professor Chris Frost - click photo for video

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