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GOOGLE seems to be making the news as much as, er, distributing it. As the Freelance went to press the EU Commission, announced an inquiry into whether it has "abused its dominant position" - whether it has acted as a harmful monopoly.

Back on 16 November its technical people announced a new code "standard" for inclusion in web pages to ensure that "publishers and readers both benefit when journalists get proper credit for their work." But their examples largely deal with publishers taking credit.

A week later the French Senate approved a one per cent tax on internet advertising - source of almost all Google's revenue. As Deutsche Welle notes, the plan "fails to meet its original goal: to tax the French operations of internet giants such as Google... which are located strategically in European countries with low corporate tax rates, such as Ireland and Luxembourg." Instead it would target French advertisers.

Still no news of the Google Books Settlement: pity Judge Chin who must, eventually, rule on it, and see for a checklist of things to do if you have contributed work to a book.


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