New format for International Press Cards

THE FORMAT of the International Press Cards issued by the NUJ as an affiliate of the International Federation of Journalists has at long last been updated. The old laminated carboard versions with the bearer's name added by typewriter has now been replaced by a plastic credit card-type version, which will be much less open to abuse or forgery. This will, we hope, mean that its bearers will be taken more seriously around the world.

Some NUJ members who recently applied for an International Press Card experienced long waits while some IT glitches associated with the system for issuing the new-style cards were ironed out. But we are pleased to report that at the time of writing these issues have been solved and if you've been waiting for an International Press Card, it is already in the post.

Changes to the International Press Cards system have also raised the price to £46.See here for an application form.

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