Creators’ rights required

THE NUJ has responded to the UK government's "Hargreaves Review" of intellectual property. This was rather suddenly announced by the Prime Minister following a visit to California last autumn...

The union's response is to support, and supply evidence for, the Creators' Rights Alliance position. For a flavour, the section headings are:

  1. Framing the debate accurately:
    Creators’ rights are necessary to every citizen
  2. Society needs professional creators:
    WikiWorld is not enough
  3. The need for high-quality content:
    The USP of UK plc
  4. Accurately identifying the players and interests:
    There is a reason why there are no poetry factories
  5. The need for certainty:
    We support use that is fair
  6. Ensuring that creators’ rights support creativity:
    Contracts, too, must be fair: monopsony requires regulation
  7. Access to justice is required:
    Individual creators must be able to enforce their rights

For the full repsonse, see the link below.

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