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The court has rejected the settlement in its current form. See here.

Update 15/03/11

The libraries are adamant that the deadline will not change. The US Authors' Guild, keen to retain the possibility of a settlement, is therefore not pursuing its request to change it. So if Google has scanned your work in a book, you have until 5 April to withdraw it from the Library programme (not the same as withdrawing it from public access via

Google book deadline looms

IF YOU have contributed words or pictures to books, and you wish those books not to be made available in the Library programme of your deadline for asking to remove them is, at the time of writing, 5 April.

At the beginning of March Google agreed to a request to extend this deadline until a year after the proposed Settlement is approved - if it is - the same as the new deadline for claiming payments under the proposed Settlement. Judge Denny Chin held hearings a year ago and has gone quiet ever since.

But the famous web search engine then withdrew its agreement, saying that libraries that had allowed it to scan their holdings did not agree. Negotiations continue.

The deadline for asking that books not be made available online remains, at present, 9 March 2012.

To see what this is all about see the Freelance Google checklist at

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