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Vittorio Arrigoni found dead in Gaza

Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, a journalist and an International Solidarity Movement volunteer in Gaza, was kidnapped on 14 April; in Gaza city. A youtube video surfaced showing Vittotio blind folded and beaten up; and on 15 April it was reported that he had been "found hanged" in Gaza City.

Salafi Jihadis claimed responsibility for kidnapping him and demanded that the Hamas government in Gaza release their leader Abu Al Waleed Al Maqdisi in 30 hours, counting from 11am; or else they would kill him. He was found dead hours before the deadline.

Vittorio Arrigoni arrived in Gaza as an activist in 2008, and stayed through the bombing by the Israeli armed forces in "Operation Cast Lead" from December 2008 into the Spring of 2009.

The Revealing Gaza blog says: "All jornos in Gaza, Vittorio's friends here and his friends everywhere ask Hamas to immediately intervene and release Vittiorio who worked hard to help Gaza for a long time."

Hamas spokesman Ehab al-Ghussein said Vittorio was killed "in an awful way" and described the killing as a "heinous crime which has nothing to do with our values, our religion, our customs and traditions", and vowed to hunt down and bring to justice others who were involved. The killing was attributed to "Salafist" Islamicist opposition to Hamas, but they deny this.

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