Where is all that work going to?

JUST how much freelance work is disappearing? Adam Christie of the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council is compiling a short report on this phenomenon, as an update to similar reports he has compiled, which have been cited by the NUJ widely in the continuing campaign against cutbacks in the media industry.

The union already has a good idea about how and where rates are being cut; we need to know about what is no longer being commissioned, whether in the media industry or elsewhere. Sources will remain confidential, and titles or outlets if you say so. Knowing which groups are cutting or have cut the most commissioned work is helpful, though.

Please let us know about any freelance work that you know has disappeared in the last few months - by 27 May, in time for the information to go to the NUJ National Executive Council meeting in that month. Send data by email to freelanceoffice@nuj.org.uk with "Disappearing freelance work" in the subject line.

And where is the work going to? Are media outlets hiring more staffers to do the work in-house instead? Are they giving exisiting staffers a bigger workload instead of giving the work to freelances? Are they using content from agencies more? Or are they just cutting pages and producing shorter publications, or updating digital media less often? Please let us know if you can.

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