Letter of complaint

I am writing to you, as I'm sure you would expect after publishing a still from my video of the PHNAT (I'm a Photographer Not A Terrorist) event at City Hall in the June/July Freelance, despite my two refusals. As I explained the flashmob had some 40 to 50 photographers attending and to take a still from video would be insulting to every photographer present and also to the branch I represent as secretary and welfare officer, the London Photographers' Branch. I also directed you to the PHNAT website where a gallery of photographs was available.

You used the image, savagely trimmed, online at www.londonfreelance.org/fl/1106pnat.html. On top of that the still taken from my video is a terrible image to use as a still, which does not sit well as a representation of my longstanding work as a video journalist. I have tackled many outlets for unauthorised use of my material, but this behaviour to come from fellow union members is an absolute disgrace.

  • Firstly, we understood Jason's message as a suggestion that we contact a stills photographer. We tried: none got back to us with an explicit licence. And in our judgement as editors the video grab was the best image available - illustrating an issue that stills photographers increasingly face. Secondly, the "savagely cropped" version was due to a website glitch which led the server to dig out a thumbnail, intended to promote the event and London Photographers' Branch on the index page, instead of the real thing. Sorry.
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