Children’s non-fiction writers unite!

WHAT CAN writers do when the medium they work in disappears? They can get together and decide what to do. NibWeb is an email network for writers of children's non-fiction (CNF), sponsored by the NUJ and Society of Authors: see for details.

This was once a thriving market - you could make a good living by writing books about a whole range of subjects, from natural history to ancient civilisations.

Then, quite suddenly, over the last year or so, the market dried up. People who'd been making a reasonable living suddenly faced empty bank balances.

Commissions became rare, and the money was laughable. Things came to a head when one of our number reported declining a much-needed job to avoid setting a precedent of accepting £500 for nearly two weeks' work.

It was time to act. NibWeb decided to hold a meeting, in the hope of coming up with ideas for using its members' talents in new ways like online, electronic books or different markets.

Its aim is to present ideas to publishers, whose own lack of imagination has left them in a hole.

The meeting is on 1 November. It's from 12.30, ending at or before 5pm, at the NUJ's Headland House HQ - bring your own sandwich, but there will be tea and possibly biscuits. It's primarily for NibWeb writers, but if you work in CNF and haven't yet joined NibWeb, do come along (and join, as well).

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