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Irish Post ceases publication

Contributors to the Irish Post have received the following message, which we reproduce in case they missed anyone:

We are writing to advise that the Irish Post Media Limited trading as the Irish Post newspaper has today (19th August 2011) ceased trading and will not be published next week.

Notices convening the meeting of creditors under s98 of the Insolvency Act 1986 will be issued shortly.

No further work is being commissioned or being received by the company. The notices being issued within the next two weeks will allow you to claim for any liabilities due up until 19 August 2011. No further work should be undertaken on behalf of the company.

If you have any queries in the interim please do not hesitate to contact Seamas Keating or Alison Burnside [via our website].

Yours Sincerely

FPM FPM Accountants LLP

Chartered Accountants & Licenced Insolvency Practitioners

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