New Ways to Make Journalism Pay - Brussels version

New Ways to Make journalism Pay was already a successful NUJ event when we decided to import it to Brussels. (See here for the original 2010 LFB conference and here for the forthcoming November 17 event.)

photo © Matt Salusbury
Duncan Lumsden (standing) with (seated, left to right) Justin Stares and Hugh Wheelan

The format remained the same: journalists who had successfully (i.e. profitably) launched their own internet news services told our audience of around 40 how they did it, followed by a busy question and answer session.

We had two excellent speakers: Duncan Lumsden, managing editor and co-founder of MLEX, a Brussels-based regulatory risk newswire that now employs more than 50; and Hugh Wheelan, managing editor and co-founder of, which is based out of Paris.

They told us how they managed to make money from journalism - an increasingly remarkable feat - and walked us through the potential pitfalls. When should you discount? Should you prevent copy-paste on your website? How much news should you give away for free? These were just a few of the topics we touched upon.

The conclusion was that yes, there is money to be made out there. Journalist can do it themselves, either with an investor (as did) or without (MLEX). The common theme was exclusivity: if you have news and analysis that no one else can provide, you might just be able to find yourself a market. But do not kid yourself: those who have made it pay have all put in huge amounts of work.

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