Remember the Alamy!

I was disappointed to see your front page article in the last copy of the Freelance in which you quote my old friend and fellow photographer, Julio Etchart, commending Alamy picture agency.

This company is notorious for undercutting NUJ recommended rates (as laid out on the branch website) and, as such, I hope that LFB is not endorsing Julio's words or indeed celebrating any other company adopting the supermarket model of "piling them high and selling them cheap".

In defence of our members' interests, the NUJ should be publicising why decent rates are necessary and shaming the companies that charge less, especially if they won't negotiate sustainable rates. Equally, our Union should be speaking out against the "dumping" of pictures at very low rates as this stymies any competition and creates monopolies.

I acknowledge Julio's supermarket analogy, but do portray it for what it really is: an unequal and exploitative relationship between large companies that hold too much power over their competing suppliers.

In response to these business models that serve only to harm our members' long-term interests and sustainability, it's about time the NUJ told them to BOGOF rather than doing their work for them - below the Union rate.

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