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‘Fair trade’ for creators

THE INTERNATIONAL Federation of Journalists has suggested a "fair trade" indication for creative works, at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights. In a statement delivered to 200 countries' representatives on 21 November it said:

...centrally to WIPO's mission: there is some empirical survey evidence that public perception of the legitimacy of authors' rights legislation is dependent on members of the public feeling confident that a fair share of what they pay to use creative works goes to the authors and performers - the individual,human creators.

...The International Federation of Journalists believes that in the case of limitations to authors' rights, and of solutions such as extended collective licensing, given the imbalance of negotiating power between the individual creators we represent and their intermediaries, the protection of an inalienable right to equitable remuneration is merited.

A similar right should be developed for primary uses, as the legislature of Germany did in 2002 and that of the Netherlands has debated this year.

This raises challenging legal issues in some jurisdictions, though they are not insuperable anywhere. In the near future, the IFJ believes it is worth exploring ideas such a "Fair Trade" indication, displayed where creators' work is distributed in accordance with a code of good practice.

Other non-governmental organisations took up the theme of the legitimacy of authors' rights and copyright law - some saying that a limitation to copyright allowing for copies for blind people was essential to that. The IFJ does not disagree. The law of all European Union member states, for example already provides for such copies.

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