Better bargaining: courses for freelances

THE RECENT "Pitch & Deal" course, sharpening freelances' bargaining skills, saw 15 enthused NUJ freelances geared up to put their all into pitching and dealing. The course will be repeated on Friday 24 May, again in London and again at the heftily-reduced price of £70 for the day to NUJ members, £130 to non-members and £60 to student members.

Before that, the popular and self-explanatory Getting Started as a Freelance course returns on Friday 17 May, at £60 for members, £100 non-members and only £40 for student members. To book on to the courses, email

One example of good bargaining practice is the experienced freelance who was foaming after a feature idea was enthusiastically received by an online mag - which asked for 2500 words for £200. He cooled down, then told them he wouldn't do it for less than £450. They said "all right then" so quickly he thinks he should have asked for more: hence the emphasis in these courses on asking for more as a first move - and letting them suggest an amount.

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