Photographers’ Council is coming!

FOR THE first time in its history, the NUJ will soon have a nationally elected Photographers' Council solely to look after the interests of lens-based journalists.

Like all the NUJ's Councils and committees, it will be made up of working journalists who give up their time to help shape the NUJ to best serve its members. If you are interested in using your skills and experience to help shape the future of other photographers within the NUJ, then this is an ideal chance - whether or not you are currently active within your branch.

Anyone can stand - as long as their membership subs are up to date, and they've already identified themselves with the NUJ's Membership Department as being either a photographer or a videographer.

If you're considering standing for the Photographers' Council when it starts, now's the time to contact the Membership Dept. on 020 7278 7916 (ask for "Membership") or email and tell them you wish to be recorded as being a photographer/videographer. (This won't affect your status as a freelance in the eyes of the Union. Don't forget to unpdate the NUJ of any changes to your contact details as well.)

The new council will have four meetings a year: some will likely to be through video-conferencing, and the others likely in the NUJ building in Kings Cross, London. Travelling expenses would be paid, as would a small amount for your time.

Photographers or videographers who'd like an honest straightforward chat about standing for elected positions in the NUJ, and what to do next, can get in touch with me, Nick, at But do it soon, as nominations are already open.

Like you I am a working photographer, but one who six years ago was encouraged to stand for a position in the union. Since then I have been involved with shaping union policy, organising events and helping colleagues who are experiencing difficulties. IT has been immensely rewarding, and I have been proud to give something back to the union which has helped me so much in the past.

Whether this is your first time in standing for a position within the union, or whether you've done so in the past I hope you'll give this some thought. We have a strong and vibrant union, and it is down to the involvement of people just like you.

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