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THE NUJ has launched a petition putting the spotlight on the continuing pay scandal within the NewsQuest group. This initiative came from the Group Chapel.

Now we need plenty of signatures - from members, other members of staff, contacts, friends and family. Members might also be able to help in getting this spread on social media using their personal accounts. The petition says:

Latest figures show that Newsquest, Britain's third biggest regional newspaper group - owned by US giant Gannett Inc - made £58 million operating profits and lavished its chief executive Paul Davidson with a salary of £612,000 and hundreds of thousands of pounds' worth of "performance" cash and shares. Meanwhile... staff are being forced to endure the fourth year (of the last five) of flat-lining salaries, while at the same time being told to accept unpaid leave, hundreds of job cuts and office closures. Pay is now so desperate, news editors have paid out of their own pockets to enable reporters with no money to fuel their cars to cover the story.

Please do all you can to spread the word and encourage others to get the message out! We would like to be able to present this to the company in time for the Gannett shareholders' meeting on 7 May so the quicker you act the better...

Sign the petition here.

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