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COLLECTING societies the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) and the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) both distribute money to creators for "secondary uses" of their work - such as photocopying at universities libraries and some corporate in-house digital uses.

ALCS covers rights for secondary uses of articles and books, DACS is for photos and illustrations (that appear in articles or books). It's worth signing up to both (for free) if you haven't already - money will almost certainly come your way if you do.

Are you a member of the DACS and had your illustrations or photographers appear in a book that has been published in the UK and then translated and then published in Dutch in the Netherlands after that? There may be some additional money for you.

For the first time, DACS has started receiving money from the Pictoright lending right scheme in the Netherlands. If you're not in DACS, it's free to sign up. Regrettably, the Pictoright distribution via DACS doesn't cover books published in the Netherlands only. Lending by UK libraries is covered by PLR: see page 4.

Details are at - hurry, though: 31 October is the deadline for claims. ALCS members who want a piece of the action in their next "distribution" of money next February have until 30 November to submit details of magazine and journal articles or books they've had published in the UK since 2010.

You can also claim for UK national newspaper articles published between January 1998 and December 2008, but only if you had a byline.

The ALCS members' interface through which you can update them with details should be working again by now at - if it's not yet fixed, email them details of your articles via

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