New Ways to Make Journalism Pay

The video

There's now an online video of the November 2012 NUJ London Freelance Branch New Ways to Make Journalism Pay conference, linked from here.

Still from the conference video; © Tony Rizzo
Video as streamed from this conference (MPG format: there will probably be a pause before it starts playing)

It's 54 minutes long and opens with Peter Kirwan who writes on economics of the media industry for Press Gazette. He describes how he makes it as a freelance to become a "miniature version" of Guardian Media Group... or News International".

He's followed by journalist, media ethics trainer NUJ Training Officer Arjun Wajid (3.05 minutes into the video, all times are approximate), who reveals that the media are "having to rely more and more on freelances" especially in radio.

Freelance photographer Guy Smallman (just over seven minutes in) tells how a "live news event" unfolding in front of him changed his life, and how "the whole industry is becoming more and more freelance."

Shown in the video still above, and starting at 11.09 minutes, is the Maximising Social Media session. This features Christian Payne "multitasking communicator" and "blogger who has an NUJ card", Fiona Cullinan ("There is not a standard way to get work anymore"), Times digital development editor Lucia Adams. LFB's own Twitter account manager puts questions to the panel (at about 11.42 minutes in).

The New Places to Sell Your Work session is introduced (21.25) by incoming NUJ jobshare vice-president and freelance Adam Christie. Hina Pandya describes "making it in a recession", Huma Yusuf outlines the "immense" freelance outlets in developing countries, particularly India and Pakistan.

In the session on New Start-ups, Small and Big, Una Murphy (at 30.37 on the minutes counter) tells how she co-founded Belfast based cooperative publication View, while Exaro News founder Mark Watts (he starts at 34.39) says "there is no silver bullet, there is a multitude of new things that are going to emerge". David Boyle (38.40) gives examples of successful cooperative media start-ups.

Introduced by Fiona O'Cleirigh (at 44.22), Alex Klaushofer and Tim Dawson have been following what Alex describes as "the pioneers, the start-ups, the evolving practice that's coming out of the changing media landscape." Tim (he starts at 50.37) says "sales-based revenue models that demonstrably work" have arrived.

NUJ Freelance Officer John Toner closes, (52.00) adding "Thanks you for staying right to the end."

The video can take a while to download, so please be patient. There's a detailed written report of the conference here, with links to the speaers' websites

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