Semper demandet morus

Humphrey Evans honoured at LFB Xmas party© Matt Salusbury

Humphrey Evans presented with a bottle of fine wine for his work as NUJ tutor on courses for freelances

THE LFB XMAS party - an event co-hosted this time with three other London NUJ Branches - was once again a big success.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation to Humphrey Evans, recognising his hard work over the years as tutor on the NUJ's Getting Started as a Freelance and Pitch and Deal courses, which he instigated along with his fellow tutor Phil Sutcliffe. Humphrey is retiring from NUJ professional development course tutoring, but remains in the writing business.

LFB Chair Dave Rotchelle presented Humphrey Evans with a bottle of fine wine (Humphrey is an afficianado), John Lewis tokens and a framed certificate addressed to "Sir Humphrey Evans of Pitch and Deal and Lord Evans of Don't Get Me Started", a reference to a catchphrase familiar to attendees of his courses over the quarter of a century he has taught them.

Proudly emblazoned on the certificate was the motto Semper demandet morus, which even LFB's many non-Latinists can probably work out means [or is intended to mean], "Always ask for more," the first commandment of Humphrey and Phil's Pitch and Deal philosophy. Oddly, a Famous Web Search Engine translates this as "Always put the mulberry".

Humphrey Evans and Phil Sutcliffe at LFB Xmas party© Matt Salusbury

Humphrey Evans (right) displays his certificate, his fellow tutor Phil Sutcliffe (blurred, sorry!) is on the left.

There was also a presentation for Julio Etchart for his work as LFB training officer. Julio will be leaving us for a few years, as he follows his partner to Singapore.

The fifth floor meeting room of the NUJ's Headland House HQ was once more lent a palatial atmosphere with the addition of Christmas decorations from Streatham High Street's finest pound shops - just visible in the background in the photo (below) of LFB Chair Dave Rotchelle's traditional announcements made while standing on a chair, to project his voice over the hubbub of partygoers. (See other examples of this phenomenon here and here).

Humphrey Evans and Phil Sutcliffe at LFB Xmas party© Matt Salusbury

LFB Chair Dave Rotchelle performs the now traditional standing on a chair to announce Branch business. Streatham High Street poundshop decorations hang in the background.

Also present were members of NUJ New Media Branch, celebrating the recent winning of recognition of the NUJ by Al Jazeera English in the UK.

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