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Libel in Northern Ireland - behind the times, why?

THANKS TO the unreformed law of libel in Northern Ireland, speaking out in the public interest can land you in court. Simon Singh will speak at a Libel Reform Campaign meeting at the Crescent Arts Centre to hear first-hand about ten discussions that the people of Northern Ireland cannot hear - due to the archaic state of the law of libel.

While the law in England & Wales was reformed in January this year, in Northern Ireland reform was blocked, for reasons that remain unclear, even though the law had been severely criticised by the UN Human Rights Committee.

In Northern Ireland the old unreformed law applies, and its chill on free speech continues. From scientists sued for casting doubt on dubious treatments to tennis players, oligarchs and quack vitamin-pill salesmen who have sued, the Libel Reform Campaign will show you what you are not allowed to hear or read. Science writer Simon Singh will introduce this high-energy event with speeches from writers, journalists, victims of the law and campaigners.

The event is on Friday 12 December 2014 from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the Crescent Arts Centre, 2-4 University Rd, Belfast, BT7 1NH - Book your place here.

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