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Unions demand action on media freedom in Turkey

EVENTS IN Turkey are rushing at us. At the time of writing dozens of journalists had been arrested in the aftermath of the rather farcial coup attempt on 15 July. It's hard to keep a precise tally. It's clear that the arrestees were working for all kinds of media, not just outlets allegedly linked to the alleged plotters (as if that made a difference). President Tayyip Erdogan wants all critical voices silenced, it seems.

Journalists' unions have been demanding action. "We can't remain silent while journalists are being arrested by dozens in front of us," said European Federation of Journalists president Mogens Blicher Bjerregard: "[EU]President Juncker and High Representative Mogherini must do everything in their power to end this worrying situation."

International Federation of Journalists president Philippe Leruth: "The European union must take a stand and hold president Erdogan accountable for breaching human rights convention and muzzling the press. Global journalists are highly concerned by the escalation of attacks against the press in a country that calls itself a democracy. This situation must end immediately."

The National Union of Journalists is backing these demands.

The European Federation of Journalists on 29 July launched a solidarity campaign, including promoting Amnesty International's petition on general human rights in Turkey.

More news seems regrettably likely, later.

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