The deadline for applications is extended to midnight on Friday 18 November

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London Freelance Branch is looking to engage someone on a freelance basis to contact lapsed members, enthusing them to remain members of the union.

See the job description below. The deadline for applications will be midnight on Friday 18 November.

Job description - LFB Lapsing Members' Coordinator

LONDON FREELANCE Branch Committee is looking to appoint a Lapsing Members' Coordinator, until such time as NUJ Head Office sets up a national scheme to contact the union's lapsing members, with the purpose of persuading them to stay in the union.

Head Office releases contact details of lapsing members quarterly. Calls to those branch members will need to be made soon afterward.

The job is expected to take five working days, and will involve contacting lapsing members, from a list that will be supplied.

All members on the list will need to be contacted via:

  • email
  • telephone (where numbers are provided), with at least three calls (if necessary) to each person on the list
  • with at least one call made in the evening, given that many members will be at work during the day

The remuneration rate is to be £150 per day, which is the rate due to be paid by Headland House for the same service.

The initial appointment will be for a single lapsing run, in order to trial the process.

If it is successful - that is, if the financial benefit of retaining branch members exceeds the cost of paying someone to call them - then a motion will be put to Branch in January to appoint and pay a Lapsing Members' Coordinator until such time as a nation-wide scheme is in operation.

The coordinator should be a full member of the union, although they need not be a member of LFB. They should be self-organised, with very good communication skills and record-keeping. Anyone wishing to be considered for the position should contact both of the job-share secretaries; Phil Sutcliffe and Tim Gopsill.

Please supply a CV and a brief covering email explaining relevant experience.

Applications should be received by midnight on Friday 18 November 2016.

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