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Taxing questions for BBC freelance training

Free training for freelances could be provided by the BBC and other major broadcasters, if tax issues can be resolved. Speaking at a seminar convened by Lord David Putnam, a BBC director said that: "the BBC would dearly love to train freelances [who are undertaking work for the Corporation] but doing so is frustrated by PAYE rules".

Senior representatives from Sky, ITV and Channel Four echoed this enthusiasm at the same meeting.

The issue in question appears to be a fear that the self-employed eligibility of an individual who has been trained by the BBC (or others) might be called into question by HMRC.

To date, the NUJ has found no freelances who have faced such concerns. If you have experience of this issue with the HMRC, or with the provision of training provision, please let the NUJ know (in confidence) at

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