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Election of LFB Social Media Officer

Now a paid post, see below

NUJ London Freelance Branch will be electing a Social Media Officer at its Branch meeting on Monday 10 October 2016. The election is open to NUJ London Freelance Branch full members only (although the Twitter account is open to all-comers to follow, of course, one of its functions being recruitment. Under NUJ rules only full members may stand for branch committee posts.)

The post requires competence on Twitter and related matters such as scheduling services.

Job description - the post comprises:

  1. Tweeting on the branch account several times daily and occasionally at weekends, probably using a scheduling service such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck.
  2. The material you send out will be drawn from:
    1. sources within the branch (branch and LFB Committee meetings and emails, the Freelance newsletter and website) and the NUJ generally (e.g. from the NUJ Active emails and The Journalist);
    2. other sources where the story or announcement is freelance and/or journalism-related (including international);
    3. actively seek out and sign up to relevant job alerts/freelance work ads to broadcast to members via the Tweeter feed. (You'll need to be aware of the wide range of work NUJ freelances do beyond "straight" journalism).
  3. Monitoring the account for responses to what you have sent out and replying to questions and requests in a timely manner.
  4. Maintaining the LFB/NUJ "tone of voice" i.e. informative, not judgemental (and definitely not libellous!).
  5. d) coordination with the Freelance editors by email.

Fee: For an average of two days equivalent a month, £300 a month (12 times a year). (Use a combination of your own judgement and Twitter analytics to gauge the best times to send out Tweets during the day. Two days a month is the time estimated by the previous Twitter officer who held the post for five years as a volunteer. £150 a day is the current rate in cases where the branch pays a fee for work, whether the post is elected or appointed. All such decisions are subject to the democratic decision of a branch meeting, as this one was.)

The post will be subject to re-election at the Branch Annual General Meeting on Monday 9 January 2017 and on the second Monday of each January thereafter.

Statistics:LFB's Twitter feed @NUJ_LFB has at the time of writing 1800 followers; traffic examples: June 2016 98.5k, July 198k impressions - profile visits June 425, July 662 - mentions June 32, July 86 - new followers June 23, July 39.

  • The Committee advances its deepest thanks to Janet Awe, who has gamely Tweeted for us this past few years and who did a how-to session for members in March 2012.
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