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Updating the NUJ with your information

IT'S IMPORTANT to tell the NUJ Head Office if your circumstances change, and the Freelance has finally worked out how to do it most efficiently.

You can change your address directly online here. You can also request the Journalist on paper, which should mean you get the Freelance on paper too, so long as you've told the NUJ you're a freelance. You will need to get yourself a login for the members' area of the union website to do this.

To tell the NUJ that you have changed Branch, or changed "sector" (for example become a freelance) you need to send a message to the Membership Department - and you can do that online here. It is important to keep the NUJ up to date with your status so that you can stand and vote in the union elections for your sector. Also, your Freelance Directory entry is only visible to the world while you're a paid-up freelance member.

We've given indirect links to save ourselves time when Head Office next rebuilds its website. Click below, then click the link that appears.

Perhaps sadly, the London Freelance computing complex is not fully integrated with Head Office. Please let us know of changes of email address, and anything else you wish to share, at