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World Intellectual Property Day 2020 - 26 April

Celebrating the EU copyright reform for a fairer digital world

The European and International Federation of Journalists is marking World IP Day - 26 April - by celebrating some of the gains for authors - including photo- and textual journalists - offered by the Directive passed by the EU parliament a year ago.

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"The cumulative effects of the media and health crises are pushing our sector to its breaking point", said EFJ General Secretary Ricardo Gutierrez. But there is cause for celebration, and we are hopeful that our continued efforts will soon bear fruit for journalists in the EU and Europe".

"The Directive has strong resonance outside Europe, with initiatives to force tech giants to compensate the media sector gaining traction in North America and Australia", said IFJ General Secretary Anthony Bellanger. "We will not desist from campaigning until Google, Facebook and their likes have paid their due to media and journalists around the globe".

"It is past time that these companies stopped getting their raw material - journalists' and others' creative works - for free", said Mike Holderness, a UK journalist and Chair of the Federations' Authors Rights' Experts Group (AREG). "Wherever they act as publishers they should be regulated, taxed and charged as publishers."

"We are encouraged that the government of Australia has recognised this principle by promising to introduce, by July, a mandatory code to ensure that money flows from the internet giants to the content creators. We will support colleagues there securing a fair share of that revenue," he added.

The EFJ and IFJ have also published interviews with AREG members on how one of the Directive's provisions can and should be implemented.