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New record ALCS payout - sign up too!

WE HAVE a new record for a payout from Authors' Licensing and Collecting Service (ALCS) to a freelance writer.

ALCS plaque; © Matt Salusbury

The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society

The top scorer previously reported v the March round of payments was £4000. Now we hear of a freelance writer receiving £7100. They had registered with ALCS for the first time and got the benefit of payments relatng to work they'd had published in the past three years.

If you're a freelance wordsmith, you too can sign up to ALCS if you have work appearing in printed or digital magazines, "journals" and books. The payments are for "secondary uses", such as photocopying, of work in which you retain copyright as a self-employed "author". ALCS sells licenses to photocopy and distributes these royalties to freelances and to publishers.

So sign up for next year's payout at their join-here page at

  • Photographers can stake their claims via the parallel collecting society DACS - info and how to join their "Payback 2020" scheme via