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Training alert

LONDON FREELANCE BRANCH is planning a "Work Safely Through the Pandemic" webinar or two, probably in January. Watch for details, which will be posted as soon as possible at

NUJ Training Scotland courses cost £30 for members outside that nation. December courses include WordPress and an introduction to contempt of court - presumably with a focus on the Scottish courts. For details please visit

NUJ Wales has a session on online audio editing with Audacity course on the morning of Friday 11 December: please see

And the Federation of Entertainment Unions (FEU Training) courses continue - for the moment. We need your help to save FEU courses from extinction, after the UK government's announcement that it plans to axe the Union Learning Fund. Please write to your MPs and so on: see details of the campaign here.

A recent independent report shows that for every £1 spent on Union Learn, the economy gets £13 back in better wages and employment prospects, job retention, and so on, over the working life of those taking the courses.