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NUJ Extra extends covid support

THE NUJ's independent charity, NUJ Extra, is launching its third wave of financial support for NUJ members who have lost work as a result of covid-19 and the various lockdowns. The Union has committed to providing funding to cover losses due to covid until 21 June. That's the provisional date for the end of the UK government's "road map" for coming out of lockdown and reopening. See the NUJ's announcement here.

At the start of the pandemic just over a year ago, LFB voted to start making regular donations to NUJ Extra. This includes the money it has saved through not renting space for face-to-face meetings with refreshments - since its meetings have had to go virtual on Zoom instead.

To qualify for assistance through NUJ Extra, you need to be a full member and have paid your subscriptions for at least a year. You need to show details of work lost or the impact on your livelihood; and you need to have claimed all benefits and government support to which you are entitled. NUJ Extra appreciates that many freelances will fall between the gaps in government covid support. The majority of applications to the charity since covid-19 hit have been from freelances.

Applications from LFB members should go through our Welfare Officer Tim Dawson(via There is an application form here. He warns applicants to prepare themselves for some quite forensic questioning that is a necessary part of the application process. There is more detailed guidance on criteria for applications to NUJ Extra here.

Our Welfare Officer isn't just there to help with applications to NUJ Extra. Some members face problems that money alone will not solve. Many members who have contacted their Welfare Officer have found that just talking through the issues they face has been a great help in starting to address these.