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So farewell then, Pamela Morton

AFTER 26 years with the Freelance Office and 30 years with the NUJ, Pamela Morton has stood down as Senior Freelance Organiser. Many LFB members know Pamela, who has been a familiar face at Branch meetings over the years.

Pamela Morton

Pamela Morton at a recent Zoom meeting

Paying tribute to Pamela at her final meeting as serving officer of the Freelance Industrial Council, LFB's Phil Sutcliffe said of Pamela, "She gives her work, and that means us, everything she’s got. There isn't an ounce of 'look at me' involved – it’s all from herself, her gift, and not about herself, no take."

"Among the things we get are relentless hard work, often 60 hours a week in hectic times like these... a special kind of stamina to sustain that workload... dealing with it while remaining calm, civil and remarkably kind to us and to the great numbers of individual members who approach Freelance Office with their questions and sometimes terrible difficulties."

"She delivers expertise where that's the answer, but also a lot of heart where that's a vital part of what's needed... Behind the civility and kindness and strength under fire is a basic and, of course, unshowy dedication to union democracy and carrying out our decisions to the best of her ability under no matter what heavy fire... What we, the members, ask her to do and represent is what she does."

LFB's Francesca Marchese said that it was thanks to Pamela (and Phil) that she discovered "how brilliant is the whole union" and that Pamela "will be my role model for the future and I want to thank her."

Andy Smith

Andy Smith in headphones for a recent Freelance Industrial Council meeting via Zoom

David Ayrton and Andy Smith become the NUJ Freelance Office contacts for freelances in need of assistance. David, currently in the Freelance Office, becomes Senior Organiser for freelance and digital. We welcome Andy, who is already working as an Organiser with the NUJ, and who becomes a Freelance Organiser.

As Phil pointed out, "the union isn't losing Pamela. " She's now the NUJ's Organiser for the books and magazines sectors, and remains Organiser for Wales.