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Trust in media: photojournalism in the digital age

THE EUROPEAN Federation of Journalists (EFJ) held a webinar entitled "Photojournalism in the Digital Age" online on 25 and 26 October 2021.

The first webinar discussed the role of photojournalists in the digital age and the challenges they face at work; and the second explore how risks to health and safety can be mitigated.

The EFJ has now posted on its website summaries of both sessions and made videos available.

This event was the last in a series of five as part of the EFJ "Trust and Quality in Journalism" project. Renate Schroeder, EFJ Director, concluded by saying: "We see the incredible problems we have with safety, but we also see the profession is far from dying out. However, without public support, we will not survive. This leads us back to the topic of trust in journalism."